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What Goats Don’t Know

Return to a theme. These all have a point, and this one struck a chord with me because, like these goats, I was never told by my parents about what I couldn’t do.

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A Little Light Relief

Researching and writing is anything but dull, if it is you are in the wrong field.

Speaking of fields, I came across this video while looking into happiness.

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Goats Having Fun

Goats are agile and skillful climbers among the steep cliffs of their natural mountainous habitats, but when domesticated their surroundings offer them little opportunity to develop and practice their climbing and balancing skills.

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Why Do Goats Get a Bad Rap?

bad rap. obsession, goats

In mythology the goat symbolises the lost. I prefer to think that if goats were ostracised it is because of their fierce independence and self-sufficiency. These are qualities that any culture or community needs in a few people, because they create waves and challenge the status quo. It’s easy to see why goats should stay in the […]

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