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Use Your Cooking Skills a Recipe for Life

If you have the wherewithal to choose exotic ingredients, and the skill to mix them creatively, the results might be fantastic, or, if it goes wrong, catastrophic. On the other hand, though an exotic recipe might sound tempting, don't overlook the ingredients you already have.

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Dodgy Thinking and Allergic Reactions to Life

Food intolerance is widespread and we are increasingly well informed about what we eat. We take great care to ensure we don’t ingest things that are toxic to our bodies. But we totally ignore the list of things that do us harm mentally. We happily and ignorantly indulge in daily habits that, to us a technical term “do our heads in." If we can spot the common allergens we can do something about them and make wiser choices.

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Do Something Different (or, How To Worry)

Choosing how we think about ourselves and our lives is more helpful than waiting for life to happen to us then complaining that we got a raw deal. All it takes is some purposeful thinking and a little persistence. Here’s how to do something different. Or, in case that's too much trouble, I've provided a helpful list so that you can stick to what you know best.

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Choice is Empowering

Being 'spoilt for choice' is a nicer problem to have than feeling trapped by circumstance. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation you feel helpless to change, creating a range of options can be empowering, without having to actually do anything else.

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