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Why Do We Always Hurt The One We Love?

Hurt the one we love

Do we always hurt the one we love? Well, not always, of course. Still, if we’re honest, most of us can identify with the words of the song: “Here we go again, Hurting each other for no reason Wondering why we keep repeating The same mistakes…” The truth is, we’ve all behaved towards someone we […]

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The Healing Relationship

Healing is as old as our species and in the healing process is due to common characteristics. But many of the so-called health systems we have put in place manage unintentionally to obstruct the healing process and seriously impair the quality of life of service users

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Power Labels and Cop-Outs

When someone says, “It’s a power thing”, or “Power corrupts”… they are not providing a useful summary, they are telling you that they haven’t thought it through and are not likely to.

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Practical Wisdom

In so many jobs, it’s the not-obvious bits that make a difference. Or as Barry Schwartz says, you don’t have to be brilliant, to be wise.

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DIY Therapy and Self-Help; Power to the People


There’s a lot we can do for ourselves and others when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.
DIY Therapy would enable us to have more control over our mental health and wellbeing and to reduce the pressure on our over-stretch medical services.

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What’s Your Opening Line?

When you have something contentious to say to another person there’s a good chance that they won’t hear much after the first line. This means they’ll miss the point of what you need to say, and the subtlety of your argument.

Your eloquence will be wasted.

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Don’t Look for Something

Symptoms and signals

Being open to new information means suspending judgement. It’s easier said than done; it takes practice and genuine courage to let go of one’s expectations and assumptions.

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How to Care for a Depression Sufferer

Please share this brilliant and incisive video (watch it first though). It’s loaded with practical advice and should be seen by as many people as possible (employers and schools please note).

Produced by writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone, in collaboration with WHO, it is the follow up to I had a Black Dog, which I re-posted in February.

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You Can Lead a Goat to Water…

As most of us find to our cost, it can be a thankless and almost impossible task to advise, teach or persuade people when they are not ready to take on our ideas.

In its broadest sense, teaching is at best a hit-and-miss affair, and at worst a process that alienates people. Assuming that it automatically results in learning is can be a huge waste of time.

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Brief Therapy vs Counselling

There are so many approaches to therapy that it can be confusing trying to decide which is right for you. Such a wide variety of approaches produces a lot of debate, not least among therapists themselves who get into some pretty hot discussions about the right way to go about things.

Choosing between longer-term and brief therapy is more about what you want to achieve, than how you go about it.

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