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Kintsugi – Reframe Your Imperfections

Kintsugi emerged as a response to the prevailing mindset that considered a broken object as irreparably damaged. The philosophy of Kintsugi is not a call to flawlessness, but as an invitation to celebrate your unique narrative. Here's how you can apply this in your own development.

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‘Moving On’ Might Mean Standing Still

Finding out how to deal with change can be a testing time. Moving on doesn't necessarily mean getting over it. Pressure to do so can make the whole process of change and adaptation harder. Moving on sometimes means standing still, for a time, until you are ready to do something different.

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Single Session Phobia Cure

A is an extreme and recurrent anxiety response. Phobia sufferers often don’t believe that anything can help them, there are proven Brief Therapy techniques for dealing effectively with a phobia. This means finding a practitioner who has had the appropriate training, and the purpose of this post is to point you in the right direction.

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Good Grief – It’s About Healing and Growth

People will often try to deny or avoid grief, and even when they don't, many are surprised by how long the process can last, even when you think it's over. Left to our own devices, we naturally respond to loss by healing ourselves. Trying to mend something or hasten the process simply do the opposite.

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The Positive Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal can be a huge contributor to your growth and development. It is also a great aid to mental wellbeing, and personal development. If you are studying, it is an essential aid and learning about yourself as well as reviewing the content of your classes. This is why I recommend that you write each day in your journal.

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How Contact With Nature Improves Mental Wellbeing

Contact with Nature creates opportunities for people to engage more purposefully with their lives, so they are able to care more for others and their surroundings. This isn't just a 'nice to have', it is vital to cope with rising demand.

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How a Personal Ritual Helps with Loss, Change and Growth

Keeping separation and loss alive can be more damaging in the long term than the events themselves. There's merit in the idea that while we should rightly honour the past, we must also be willing to welcome the future. A ritual can do both, simultaneously.

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