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Good Grief – It’s About Healing and Growth

People will often try to deny or avoid grief, and even when they don't, many are surprised by how long the process can last, even when you think it's over. Left to our own devices, we naturally respond to loss by healing ourselves. Trying to mend something or hasten the process simply do the opposite.

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Forgetting is a Valuable Commodity, Remember That

Forgetting can be healthy. Traditions, cultures, loyalties and rewards are built on remembering, but then so are feuds, vendettas, comeuppance and hatred. All things considered, isn't remembering is vastly over-rated? Someone should speak up for forgetting, it's a much-needed talent.

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The Healing Relationship

Healing is as old as our species and in the healing process is due to common characteristics. But many of the so-called health systems we have put in place manage unintentionally to obstruct the healing process and seriously impair the quality of life of service users

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The Power of an Apology

We can all think of festering grudges that have tarnished or completely destroyed relationships, and most of us can probably think of a time when we could have said sorry but didn't. An apology can be a powerful first step to remedy a troubled relationship, but we generally have a range of reasons for not offering it. Apologising with sincerity is an act of maturity which takes courage as well as a degree of self-awareness. Here are some Dos and Dont's

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