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Sympathy vs Solutions (Again)

Sympathy vs Solutions

There are approximately 282 reasons why someone would want to discuss a problem without necessarily wanting to do anything about it.

Try ‘sympathy-focused’ rather than ‘solution-focused’.

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How to Engage with Persuasive Questions…

Well-formed and persuasive questions are those which open up conversation. They draw the participants together.

It is a subtle process of engagement, rather than a blunt and divisinve adversarial campaign of interrogation.

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Don’t Think You’re Qualified to Help Others? Take This Quiz

DIY Therapy, Ecotherapy

Since when did you need to be ‘qualified’ to hep another human being. Social contact, warmth, a sense of belonging and supportive relationships are powerful healing agents.

By contrast, the systems of care that we rely on are overworked, inadequately resources and, to many people, unavailable just when they are needed most.

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