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More on Responding to Shouting…

Conflict causes misery and burns up energy that would otherwise used productively. But it doesn’t have to be like this.
If you are involved in a dispute at work (or elsewhere) here are some things you can do to start to resolve it.

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Loss of Face Fuels Fighting

How to get agreement

Arguments often rumble on because a vital element has been overlooked when trying to resolve them. Respect, or the perceived loss of it, is at the root of many disputes.

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Who Owns Your Message

your message

If you want to communicate effectively there’s one basic idea the comes before what you say, or how you deliver your message.

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Argument and Retreat

Stop an argument, effective communication

There are not two ways about it… Or rather, there are, and that is the problem. To settle a dispute you need unity, and hot-headed behaviour can’t produce that.

First step back, then find a way to come together.

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