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We all know that training doesn’t work

When choosing how to deliver training a simple mantra should be: "If it's been done before, don't use it". Trainees should be surprised, entertained and engaged, because teaching them doesn't work very well. Trainers should be challenged to prove that what they are doing works, and to demonstrate how they continue to grow and their techniques to evolve. There are many skilled and talented trainers among us, but we'll rest on our laurels (did we ever have any?), until allowed and encouraged to go further.

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Curiosity Never Killed Many Cats

Curiosity separates people from the herd. It is what drives creativity, motivation, discovery, excitement, learning and much more. "Curiosity killed the cat" was probably dreamt up by people who wanted to hang onto power and keep the masses in line. Genuine interest is what made some cultures great and the same goes for individuals, so cultivate curiosity wherever you can.

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