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How to Find Inspiration in the Daily Details

Inspiration is nourishing, so take a little each day by paying close attention to your here and now. Balance the big, bad story with your personal narrative of your small daily pleasures and successes.

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Motivation and Inspiration are SO Not It

If there’s a job that needs doing you can wait a long time for motivation, particularly when its a job you don’t really want to do. Wanting to do it, being ready and energised by the force of inspiration, spontaneous flashes of creativity and all the rest might happen. That’s a bonus, but not a requirement.

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Positive News

For almost 100 years psychologists have been saying that we should protect ourselves from unremitting negativity, catastrophising and the constant worry of bad news. That which we focus on becomes our reality, so too much content filled with negativity and disaster does our heads in, as they say. Here's the antidote.

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