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Fear of Change, or Simply Common Sense?

positive changes, Fear of change

If you recognise a dislike or mistrust of change in yourself, welcome to the club, you are not alone. It may simply be that your intuition is looking after you.

Don’t beat yourself up about it, and save your ‘fear’ for the important times you might need it.

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What If Your Inner Voice Is Wrong?

The gift of insight is a wonderful thing. But how an you tell the difference between what is truly insight, and the ‘clutching at straws’ mindset in a moment of desparation?

Intuition my not be reliable, because It’s still the same person making the decisions, whatever they are guided by.

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A Still Small Voice

What’s it about when you suddenly wake at 4.00 in the morning? You think you should be sleeping but part of you seems to have another agenda. Though we often see these nocturnal mind excursions as unwanted and intrusive, perhaps they are there for a reason.

Take time to be curious about a resource you don’t often use, trust the process and be open to the possibilities.

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