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Nobody Has An Ego


We can be quick to judge, and pop-psychology has given us some great concepts to help us.

If only we understood them well enough to use them.

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Don’t Measure Up?

The spectre of my own inadequacy used to haunt me. It was something I tried to hide from myself, and of course, from others. I lived with a shadow I knew about, but which I hoped no-one else could see. I would deal with it by noting other peoples’ deficiencies, and at times pointing them […]

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Is It Right to Judge Others?


If you are someone who prefers not to judge others it can be puzzling to see the reactions of the people around you.

But there are times when we have to judge, and failure to do so is like losing a piece of the puzzle.

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Beware of the Story, It’s Only the Blurb

The stories others tell about us can be likened to the publisher’s blurb on the back cover of a book. The job of the blurb is to describe the book.

We are all editing our stories as we go along, and the blurb will change depending on who we are speaking to, our mood, the direction of the wind, or whatever.

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