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Read the Small Print

Much or our behaviour, and our thinking too, is guided by out of date information.

Life is about opportunity, and there’s nothing in the small print that says we ‘should’ or ‘should not’.

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How to Feed Confidence

While some people seem to have the edge from birth and are naturally more confident than others, self-concept is not a fixed attribute and it can be developed at any time.

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Depression Needn’t Mean Dysfunction

‘Depression’ is a concept, not an illness. The need to blame is a personal issue, and blaming a concept is about as sensible as blaming the weather.

Depression happens. In most cases it can be fixed, and in all cases it can be adapted to. Blaming is a choice, depression isn’t.

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Spare Capacity

Our ability to cope diminishes as pressure increases. It’s a subtle process and so it’s easy to miss the signs of impending burnout. Learning to monitor yourself to ensure that you have sufficient spare capacity is critical to resilience and performance under pressure

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“I Am what I Am”


Loud and proud slogans like this are all very well and they do an important job in promoting an ideal and respect for individuality. But, they can be double-edged, with undesirable side-effects.

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Imagine, and Probably You Will

visualisation, vision, mid-life-transitions

There is no escaping it, the imagination shapes outcomes. Some cultures say “Be careful of what you wish for…”, with others it’s “Beware of your dreams…”.

Ether way, it’s happening now.

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How To Never Stop Learning

Organised learning tends to be directed at the young, we generally think that they are who education is for. Notwithstanding that we have ‘lifelong learning’, and that many of us actively pursue it into later life, the education system is designed for people starting out in life, and it is a supply system. Learning, on […]

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The Benefits of Waiting in Line

Next time you are caught in a queue, resist the urge to whip out your smartphone or to grumble inwardly about the person in front of you, and take the opportunity instead to to a little personal development. Think of unavoidable hold-ups as ‘punctuations’ in your day; a chance to pause, take stock and plan […]

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