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Soulmates Are Forever, Right?

soulmates, relationship success, Intuition, resilience research

Adapting to change can be a shock to the system, and It takes time. You can’t set a timetable – everyone adapts differently – but usually a few months or a couple of years are enough for someone to start living comfortably with ‘the new reality’, and re-building a life.

In this case, it’s a divorce, but whatever the change, we all manage the process in our own way. It helps to have insight, to be honest with oneself, and to accept.

But occasionally people get stuck. It’s a doubly painful when they don’t even realise it.

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Please Remember to Forget

Forgetting and remembering stand side by side in our arsenal of innate skills. But it is remembering that gets all the glory, while forgetting is maligned and misunderstood.

Forgetting has its place, just as remembering does.

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