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Unconditional Love? Try Listening Unconditionally

To love someone unconditionally may be more of an ideal than an achievable goal, but it is a worthy reminder and useful advice in shaping our own behaviour. Still, it is probably out of reach for most mortals. On the other hand, listening unconditionally is something we can practice, and there may be a link to love.

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Complaining is Viral Misery

Have you ever wondered about auditory pollution? Probably not, but the sounds and noise we allow ourselves to be subjected to affect us, whether we like it or not. The blurb to this TED Talk by Julian Treasure emphasises communication, but there's an equally important message about personal wellbeing.

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Listening: Not for the Faint-Hearted

How good is your listening? Listening (as opposed to just hearing), is a dynamic activity, not a passive way to pass the time. It takes effort, focus and skill. It also means putting ourselves aside and fully paying attention to those we would listen to. Listening is not for the faint-heated, but the benefits are worth the effort.

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Giving bad news

I have had many requests recently for information and training on handling redundancy and giving bad news. In response I have prepared a handout to help those who must perform this unenviable task prepare for the job.

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