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Change and Uncertainty, Loss and Grieving

change and uncertainty, uneasy, failure

Whether it is unexpected, sudden, planned, welcome or unwelcome, change can be very de-stabilising. Whatever it is due to, when the circumstances of our lives are altered we need time to adapt. This is often where the difficulties arise because it is a time of uncertainty and uncertainty makes us feel uncomfortable.

Although change can be abrupt, we may need time for the psychological adaptation – transition from one part of our lives to the next – to happen. Be patient and go with the flow.

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“It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better.” I Don’t Think So.

I recently read a post on a mental health blog which said “Talking therapy is great, but things get worse before they get better, so you have to stick with it.” This is a misguided over-generalisation that can do harm.

If one of my clients feels worse at the end of the session, then it is not the end of the session.

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Depression Needn’t Mean Dysfunction

‘Depression’ is a concept, not an illness. The need to blame is a personal issue, and blaming a concept is about as sensible as blaming the weather.

Depression happens. In most cases it can be fixed, and in all cases it can be adapted to. Blaming is a choice, depression isn’t.

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Pilgrimage is Transformative Travel

Pilgrimage is open to all. You don’t have to have faith in anything except your own abilities. You can plan a pilgrimage, but not the outcome, and you don’t necessarily have to arrive at the destination to enjoy a transformation.

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How to Still Your Mind

If  you want to change a habit or some aspect of your behaviour, it is easier to move towards what you want than it is to move away from what you want to change. So, to become a vegetarian, for example, first decide that you are becoming one and then design an attractive vegetarian diet. […]

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