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When Couples Argue Constantly – Tackle Difficulty, Not ‘Fix’ Difference

Have you noticed how arguments often develop a life of their own? Quite apart from the messy interpersonal stuff like feelings and judgements, there's the question of understanding HOW to argue. For example, the difficulty (tension, disagreement, argument), can be resolved quickly, as long as you can learn to coexist with the differences between you.

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Kindness and Conflict Are Not Incompatible

Conflict and disagreement don't have to do lasting damage. The reason why so many disputes, especially close, personal ones (like the ones that which get blamed for separation or divorce, for example) are so acrimonious, is not because of the circumstances. It is because we lose control of ourselves. It's possible to disagree and to vigorously defend yourself if you need to, without being nasty.

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