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Our Need to Make Meaning Can Deceive Us

“Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so”, wrote Shakespeare. Interpreting things and finding meaning for them is so automatic we don't generally question it. Our minds provide an endless parade of interpretations and meanings in the personal soap opera we call thinking. There is another way, but you may not like it.

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Don’t Kid Youself, Delusion is Great, In It’s Place

Delusion is unavoidably part of what we are. We condemn it in others but rely on it in ourselves. Conversely we also accept it socially and can use it destructively against ourselves. It's a necessary habit, but one that needs to be kept in check, and while it is perhaps socially necessary to deny that we lie, on a personal level we need to be more honest.

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Meaning Rules! How to Avoid Upset

Causal explanations – where we make automatic assumptions or explanations for events – can be very upsetting. Since it is the meaning we give to something can trigger an emotional response, we had best beware of meanings. It get worse, guess who is responsible for meaning?

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