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Mindfulness in Mediation

References to 'mindfulness' in relation to mediation and dispute resolution are becoming increasingly common. As with any term we are constantly exposed to, there is a risk that 'familiarity breeds contempt' and that rather than understanding what the term means (and its potential benefits) we presume understanding by association and look no further. This article seeks to address this by offering some definitions, and then putting forward explanations of the reported benefits and applications of mindfulness.

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Conflict At Work is Costly

Conflict is obviously costly in financial terms, but more important is the cost to morale, working relationships and personal well-being. Conflict causes misery and burns up energy that would otherwise used productively for work. But it doesn’t have to be like this. If you are involved in a dispute at work (or elsewhere) here are some things you can do to start to resolve it.

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My Personal Philosophy

Thank you to West Sussex Mediation Services for their warm welcome when I spoke at their AGM. As requested, you can find a transcript of A Guiding Philosophy in the downloads section or by clicking on this post title.

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Workplace mediation

The media love to remind us of the ubiquity of conflict. Stories of war, high-profile divorce, religious clashes, strikes and workplace disputes are some, and popular entertainment carries the theme into our daily lives. Conflict sells, so it was a surprise to find that the Guardian had published an article on workplace mediation in the Guardian.

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