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Mental Health – 10 Reasons People Don’t Seek Therapy

Despite both the personal suffering and the inconvenience caused by mental health issues, most people still don't or won't seek help, and of those who do most will not get the help they need or will have to wait a very long time to get it.

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Don’t Think You’re Qualified to Help Others? Take This Quiz

Since when did you need to be 'qualified' to hep another human being. Social contact, warmth, a sense of belonging and supportive relationships are powerful healing agents. By contrast, the systems of care that we rely on are overworked, inadequately resources and, to many people, unavailable just when they are needed most.

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Wrong-Headedness in Mental Health

Everybody has some psychological difficulties at some point in their lives. Mostly we cope and manage these in silence. But 25% of us will not manage so well. We'll reach a point where we could really use some help. But most won't ask for it. Held back by wrong-headed beliefs and fearing the attitudes of those around them, they will soldier on and suffer alone. Sometimes, as we know, this has dire consequences. We can all do something about this, here are a couple of possibilities.

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Taking steps to enhance wellbing

A certain amount of stress is necessary and beneficial. But even those who thrive on competition, stimulus and demand, must learn to balance this with periods where they can withdraw, reflect and make sense of the world if they are to remain effective. Most people know this intuitively, which is why a common treatment for stress is ‘time off’.

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