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How Our Need to Make Up Meaning Can Deceive Us

Our need to make up meaning for things is so automatic we don't generally question it. Our minds provide an endless parade of interpretations and meanings in the personal soap opera we call thinking. There is another way, but you may not like it.

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Hear the Storyteller, Not Just the Story

Stories have the power to persuade and change, they can also condemn and isolate us. Once we are past childhood we judge a story by the storyteller. We look for interests and motives that could render the story invalid or suspect. When we listen to the stories we tell ourselves we should be similarly cautious, the narrator is usually hugely biased.

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Stories Help Us Understand and They Shape Our Lives

Stories weave things together and provide order, meaning and understanding. A metaphor, like 'spill the beans', is a mini story that contains both image and impact. We love stories and we depend on them. Good or bad, it's the most powerful ones that hold the attention, and our own story is the most important one of all.

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