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Think Like an Optimist – New Possibilities

There are compelling reasons in learning to think like an optimist. An optimistic thinking style is a key factor in wellbeing. These go far beyond the usual simplified ‘glass half full’ ideas or the claims of the positive thinking movement. There are now thousands of studies that attest to the value of optimism at all stages of our lives. From childhood to old age, an optimistic outlook confers all sorts of advantages.

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Selective Optimism for Pessimists

There are advantages to optimism that are worth considering, but some people are put off because they don't want to be disloyal to negativity. Optimism and pessimism are generally seen as opposites, but that doesn't mean they are mutually exclusive; learning optimism does not mean abandoning negativity. If that is what turns you on, stick with it. If you tend towards a pessimistic outlook, how about learning selective optimism? That way you can get the benefits and still be true to your negativity.

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