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Don’t Go There If It’s Scary

There's a place in all of us we'd rather not go to (though some people deny that it exists). It can be a struggle trying to get rid of unwanted habits or other aspects of your life you'd prefer to change. Putting mental energy into ignoring or avoiding them is hard work, and it doesn't... work, that is.

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The Examined Life, Ambition and Desire

Most people are prepared to put a little time and effort into realising an ambition. But equally, most don't consider their inner world as a safe and sensible starting point. This may be one reason why so many of us struggle with unfulfilled ambitions, diets, and changes in lifestyle or habits.

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Posted Overseas and a Stamp of Personal Change

Travel and personal growth have something in common in that both involve destinations and we can visualise our arrival. The experts say that the more clearly we can do that, the better prepared we'll be for the journey. There's a snag though. Preparation is everything, but the promise of the destination can distract us from the stuff we need to do in the here-and-now.

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