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Resilience: Feel Better and Get More Done

Resilience is not something people either have. We've all surprised ourselves at some time by handling a tricky situation better than expected. We all have the ability to bounce back from adversity. Some more than others, but it can be learned and developed. What is more, small daily shifts and changes are all that is required to get things going.

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On Becoming the Person You’d Like To Be

Most of us have something about ourselves that we'd like to change or improve on. Having a clear idea of where you'd like to end up is more important than worrying how you'll get there. But the vision needs to be more than just vague and wooly aspirations like "To be happier", or "To be comfortable in life". Sensible though such hankerings are, they don't contain enough detail to guide you.

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Open plan is closing people off

Open plan is meant to improve productivity and efficiency. Cost-obsessed employers seem oblivious to what people really think about working this way, and the damage to morale and productivity. The research is showing that removing walls may take down some of the barriers, but it also increases some of the problems it is meant to fix.

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Listening: Not for the Faint-Hearted

How good is your listening? Listening (as opposed to just hearing), is a dynamic activity, not a passive way to pass the time. It takes effort, focus and skill. It also means putting ourselves aside and fully paying attention to those we would listen to. Listening is not for the faint-heated, but the benefits are worth the effort.

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How Trying to be Perfect Can Make You Stupid

I was reminded of this recently – and not for the first time – while I was presenting a workshop to managers in a large organisation. We had some serious discussion about what their expectations were of themselves and their performance at work. And it's not just at work that this happens.

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