Time is not a commodity, so it cannot be manipulated. It is not something we can pick up, contain, weigh, or manage even. Time - in the sense that we measure it, chart its progress and talk about it - is a concept created by mankind. Furthermore it is a concept that changes from culture to culture in how it is understood and appreciated, so it is not even universal. There are1440 minutes in a day. We all have equal access to them. So if you think you are 'time poor', think again.

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For Success, Embrace Failure

Being comfortable with setback, the possibility of rejection and even failure may be an advantage and a critical factor in achievement and success. Once we embrace failure as a part of the path to success we free ourselves from its drag and can invest more fully in creativity.

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Do something be different..? Maybe not

It's Monday. Many of us will be approaching the coming week with trepidation. After a relaxing weekend (but not relaxing enough), we embark on the unknown of the coming week with a mixture of watered-down enthusiasm and sluggish motivation. But it doesn't have to be like that, you can take control of your life in a new way. So why not start today?

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Contemplating mindfulness

As we go about our business and the business of life we are expected to act. We behave as though our value to ourselves and others is based entirely on what we do or what we produce, rather than who we are. Some people are constantly saying how busy they are and how there is no time for this-and-that. The paradox is, the less time you think you have the more we can benefit from making space for contemplation.

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You Can Change the Way You Feel

Attributing our moods, feelings or even our (lack of) of self-esteem to the judgements of others or events outside ourselves is a handy delusion which is useful as a buffer. It protects us for a time and satisfies the common need to blame when things go wrong. But it is no solution to feeling unhappy or upset, and the more we do it the more our feelings seem to control us. It is realtively easy to learn to control our feelings, but you may not like it enough to do it.

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