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Overcome Pessimistic Thinking – Learn to Argue with It

One way to stop pessimistic thinking is to train yourself out of the habit. Learn to develop alternative viewpoints and feel the difference.

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Selective Optimism for Pessimists

There are advantages to optimism that are worth considering, but some people are put off because they don't want to be disloyal to negativity. Optimism and pessimism are generally seen as opposites, but that doesn't mean they are mutually exclusive; learning optimism does not mean abandoning negativity. If that is what turns you on, stick with it. If you tend towards a pessimistic outlook, how about learning selective optimism? That way you can get the benefits and still be true to your negativity.

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Optimism is a Natural Trait, Even If There’s Plenty to be Miserable About

Optimism may be natural trait but it can also be learned. Either way, if you are an optimist you'll know that optimism needs nurturing and protecting if it is not to be overwhelmed by bad news. And pessimism? Don't get me started! It'll beat you down if it can.

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Five Ways to Ruin Your Week

Why waste time striving and trying when you are bound to fall short in some way. We are all too busy, too stressed, without enough time, self-discipline, or whatever, to ever have the peace and contentment that we are told is attainable. Reduce the stress, give up now. Cut to the chase and ruin your week well in advance, then you can stop worrying about it.

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