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What could go wrong? Don’t ask.

A new plague has silently swept across the English speaking world infecting office cultures, leaving employees vulnerable and unprepared for when things go wrong. Not everyone if affected, but where it strikes its effects are pernicious conformity that corrodes creativity and heightened suspicion of individuality. The effects are easy to recognise. The main one is that it leads to an office culture where it is taboo to talk about what could go wrong.

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Managing challenging times

We can do little about global events but we can do something about how events affect us personally. With a requires a pragmatic stance linked to robust psychology we can learn the skills that will help us weather the troubles without becoming incapacitated by worry, or sucked into the doom and gloom.

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Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) can be used as a facilitation tool to help teams and organisations understand how they have created success in the past, and how to do more of it. This article explains a little more about the approach and suggests how AI could benefit teams and organisations in creating sustained and enduring growth. Article - Appreciative Inquiry√

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