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The More You Think the Less You Do

We are adept at creatively obstructing ourselves in so may things we claim we'd like to do. The truth is (pause for dramatic effect by pointing out that lots of people are seeking the truth), you can start it today and complete it sometime later. You might even complete it today if you are very quick. It's all a question of the steps you take. It's not about 'being creative'.

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Motivation and Inspiration are SO Not It

If there’s a job that needs doing you can wait a long time for motivation, particularly when its a job you don’t really want to do. Wanting to do it, being ready and energised by the force of inspiration, spontaneous flashes of creativity and all the rest might happen. That’s a bonus, but not a requirement.

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Creating Space to Worry

Proper worrying isn't a gift, nor is it something bestowed on a lucky few by genes, education or innate talent. To worry properly you need discipline and ambition. It requires commitment, it won't happen by itself.

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The Positive Power of Procrastination

Procrastination is often bandied about as implied criticism. I am calling for a new deal for delay, or a proposition for postponing things. Ed Milliband once spoke about Predators and Producers; those who do nothing and ‘take’ vs those who do something and ‘give’. To stay with the rhetoric of politics, I’m suggesting a third way, Procratination may be Nature’s way of saying ‘not yet’.

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