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Workplace Relationships Can Make or Break your Day

Human relationships are like an organisation's DNA. The quality of the relationships affects everything from levels of motivation and trust to overall performance. Poor working relationships, on the other hand, are huge contributor to under-performance, unnecessary running costs, staff turnover and more. Despite the vital importance of how people interact at work peoples' relationships in most organisations get no attention, until something goes wrong.

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Don’t let the facts stop a good idea

The world of work is replete with good ideas that don't er... work. Innovation sounds great but beware of propaganda that perpetuates dodgy thinking, and check the facts. Otherwise you'll find out how going with the herd tramples on genuine transformation.

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Time is not a commodity, so it cannot be manipulated. It is not something we can pick up, contain, weigh, or manage even. Time - in the sense that we measure it, chart its progress and talk about it - is a concept created by mankind. Furthermore it is a concept that changes from culture to culture in how it is understood and appreciated, so it is not even universal. There are1440 minutes in a day. We all have equal access to them. So if you think you are 'time poor', think again.

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Want to Make a Change? Stop ‘Trying’ and Start ‘Doing’

Do you ever catch yourself prefacing your good intentions with "I'll try..."? We all have lists of things we haven't got round to doing anything about yet. It doesn't matter how important these are or how serious you are, if you are not making anything happen they mean nothing. If you are really serious about making things happen for yourself this post tells you one really vital thing you must do.

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