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The Time Management Myth

When did you last see an article entitled "I now have a richer life because I've learned to manage my time well"? There is a myth that we should be able to 'manage' our time better. What that really means is that we must manage ourselves.

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Conflict: Agenda for Managers

When a dispute between employees becomes visible it usually falls to a manager to intervene but few are confident in doing this so they'll often ignore the conflict in the hope that it'll go away, downplay the seriousness of the disagreement, or approach it ineffectively. Research by OPP charts the costs and benefits of conflict, and a guide from CIPD identifies the behaviours that will help managers recognise and proactively manage disputes at work.

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Why motivation doesn’t work

Traditional methods of motivating people at work are so 'last century'. In this TED talk Dan Pink explains what we are doing wrong. The three key drivers today, he says, are mastery, autonomy and purpose. Carrots and sticks don't work for conceptual thinkers.

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What makes effective staff training?

Organisatons spend millions each year on staff training yet much of it is a waste of money. One pundit recently claimed that people only remember 16% of what they are taught in training. Would any organisation buy another product or service that only worked 16% of the time?

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Email is Not the Problem, We Are

I often hear complaints from people with demanding jobs that they are inundated with email it can become unmanageable. Thats because they don't manage it, the problem is not email, it is that we allow it to assume such importance. Employers are often to blame, but we are complicit in many of our habits.

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Get It Done – How to Bring Your Project to Life

A friend in Canada recently told me about Stephen Pressfield's book, Do the Work. I recommend it. If you have a project you haven't been able to get off the ground this little book will give you some perspectives on why that might be, and what to do about it.

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