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Good Questions Need No Answers

Good questions are at the heart of effective communications and they can also provide keys personal wellbeing. Bad questions keep people stuck where they are and they fail to generate useful responses. Worse, they can actually do the opposite of what is intended by tying us up in knots to sending us round in circles.

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There Are No Bad Questions But There Are Lazy Ones

But there are lazy ones. Questions are the single, most powerful tool we have in language. They can transform your life. They also shape your life, and its one of those you-only-get-out-what-you-put-in things. So there are some questions I mistrust. And, because of the misery they can cause, so should you.

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Problem-Solving When the Problem Can’t be Solved

Questions are at the heart of problem-solving. The questions you ask determine the type of answer you get, and not all questions are equally valid; some are downright unhelpful. Change the questions and the problem gets new perspectives.

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