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Don’t Wait, Train Yourself

The 'Jolly' is a thing of the past, but it was never effective as a training idea anyway. Take charge of your own professional development. Just 20 minutes a day is all you'll need.

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Work-life happiness

There's life and there's the job, right? Wrong. Instead of treating work and home as disjointed parts of the same existence, Anna Tims suggests a change in perception rather than a change in circumstances, and so re-infuse our lives with greater purpose and fulfilment. Work is not necessarily the enemy if it is managed correctly, and it can all be achieved without you having to trek through rain forests, climb a mountain or wear sackcloth.

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The Time Management Myth

When did you last see an article entitled "I now have a richer life because I've learned to manage my time well"? There is a myth that we should be able to 'manage' our time better. What that really means is that we must manage ourselves.

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