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“I Hate It, But It’s OK”

Meeting bad behaviour with tolerance and understanding is one thing, making excuses so we don't have to deal with it another. In some cases we are wiser and kinder to excuse someone who treats us badly, but sometimes it is just and excuse to protect ourselves.

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Don’t Tell Me I’m Neurotic!

We all need to categorise people sometimes, it helps us think and navigate in our lives, but labels are for labellers. Things won't object to being labelled, but people should. When labels stick they can be a nuisance, and if I choose to wear a label somebody else has applied to me it probably won't reflect whom I am.

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The Sow’s Ear Effect

Telling yourself good stuff about yourself seems, intuitively, like a good idea. It is supposed to help you feel good, or better, about yourself, and to gradually build self-esteem. But this only works if the statements – or 'affirmations' – are believable. Far fetched inspirational statements seem like a good idea, but they can actually have the opposite effect.

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Meaning Rules! How to Avoid Upset

Causal explanations – where we make automatic assumptions or explanations for events – can be very upsetting. Since it is the meaning we give to something can trigger an emotional response, we had best beware of meanings. It get worse, guess who is responsible for meaning?

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