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Choice is Empowering

Being 'spoilt for choice' is a nicer problem to have than feeling trapped by circumstance. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation you feel helpless to change, creating a range of options can be empowering, without having to actually do anything else.

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Grieving – A Journey Which Must Be Done Alone

Grieving can be triggered by more than many people realise. It doesn't only happen due to the loss of a loved one. It's a natural instinct to try and help someone who is suffering, but the pain and loneliness of grief is a very personal journey. There's no 'cure' for grief because it is not an illness, it's a natural process of adaptation to changed circumstances.

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Don’t Tell Me I’m Neurotic!

We all need to categorise people sometimes, it helps us think and navigate in our lives, but labels are for labellers. Things won't object to being labelled, but people should. When labels stick they can be a nuisance, and if I choose to wear a label somebody else has applied to me it probably won't reflect whom I am.

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When Going It Alone is Lonely and Also Stupid

There's a powerful drive in some people to be self-sufficient, which is great. It can become a problem though if it means you get stuck with a problem that would benefit from a fresh perspective. There are times when in all of our lives when we need help. It takes wisdom to know when that is, and courage to reach out.

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More Is Not Necessarily Better

Is choice good for us? When I was a kid crisps (chips if you are outside the UK), came in one variety, ready-salted. Now we have thirty-six varieties and counting. Having many options is not necessarily better for us, in fact it can distract and limit us. Some say that limiting choice could actually make our lives better.

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