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Forgetting is a Valuable Commodity, Remember That

Forgetting can be healthy. Traditions, cultures, loyalties and rewards are built on remembering, but then so are feuds, vendettas, comeuppance and hatred. All things considered, isn't remembering is vastly over-rated? Someone should speak up for forgetting, it's a much-needed talent.

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DIY Mental Health

A core idea driving this blog is that we reclaim our psychological and spiritual wellbeing. To do this we normalise much of what has been seen as ‘mental health issues’, accepting that unhappiness and its derivatives are part of life, and relearn the tolerance and skills that will help us through them. This is a big subject, and one which affects us all. There is much we can do for ourselves.

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Echos of Winter

A sudden icy blast can be misleading. When we have noticed positive change and our hopes are building, anything that feels like a setback can be demoralising. But its just the ebb and flow of life, not a disaster.

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