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How to Have a Harmonious Life

The trouble with aspirations is that they can seem out of reach. But that's the way they should be isn't it? If they were attainable, we'd either have them, or we'd know that we've almost got them. They wouldn't be aspirations, they'd be something else. Aspirations can act like a guiding star, they tell us which way to go, where to direct our efforts. They are also abstract; things like happiness, wealth, wellbeing... and harmony. Aspirations shape our thought and actions, so they are about how we think and act, not about things we have.

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Why Solitude Is Necessary for Our Inner Wellbeing

Being alone does not mean being lonely, and we can experience loneliness when in company. We generally don’t choose loneliness and it can be painful. Solitude, on the other hand, is usually a choice and the experience can be one of joy and deep satisfaction. it also seems that the capacity to be alone and content with it acts as a necessary tonic in our oh-so-busy lives.

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A Stranger in the Village

Sometimes a stranger comes to the village and tells the village a story, and the village rediscovers something. Opportunities for rediscovery of ourselves may also be rare, but we should seek them out if we are to flourish and grow. It's not easy though, and safety and curiosity are not naturally comfortable together. But it can be refreshing to surprise yourself and others.

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