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A Different Approach to Stress Management – Learning by Doing

My new approach to stress management means participants 'get it' quickly and easily. Learning by doing – with few words and no theory – is more effective, more fun, and unavoidably beneficial.

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Rudeness at Work Can Go Viral Too

Healthy workplalce culture has to be worked at and maintained. I often come across staff who blame the managers, and managers who blame employees. The fact is, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour, and it all conributes to the culture. The thing to remember is that rudeness and lack of consideration are toxic to any relationship, and work is no exception.

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Sleep Debt is Cumulative, But You May Not Spot It

The impact of too little sleep may seem obvious. After all, we all know when we are tired, don't we? Well, no, not always. One of the sneaky effects of accumulated sleep-loss is that we stop recognising the signs. Sleep debt builds without us being aware of it.

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7 Advantages of Acting With Purpose

This is different from HAVING a purpose. That's big picture stuff which is OK as far as it goes, but less likely to influence the here and now. Acting with purpose is not quite the same as having a purpose. For one thing, it has more immediate impact, so you get to see the results more quickly.

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