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“What Do You Do?”

Careless questions tend to produce dull answers. But beware. When you respond to something that is routine and customary in the same way, you may be missing an opportunity AND doing yourself down.

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Inspiration Might Be Behind You

Common sense says that the crowd knows best, but is that so? Conformity is easy, but it can mean missed opportunities. Of course, doing the opposite of what is expected takes courage, but then so does fighting to be noticed among the crowd.

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For Success, Embrace Failure

Being comfortable with setback, the possibility of rejection and even failure may be an advantage and a critical factor in achievement and success. Once we embrace failure as a part of the path to success we free ourselves from its drag and can invest more fully in creativity.

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The Sow’s Ear Effect

Telling yourself good stuff about yourself seems, intuitively, like a good idea. It is supposed to help you feel good, or better, about yourself, and to gradually build self-esteem. But this only works if the statements – or 'affirmations' – are believable. Far fetched inspirational statements seem like a good idea, but they can actually have the opposite effect.

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