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A Simple Guide to Staying Well

As a 'thank you' for the support I've had from readers since I started this blog, I have published my definitive guide to to staying well. (I can't be sure that it really is definitive, but then nothing really is). Maybe it's more of a thoughtful guide, at least I hope, thought-provoking. I'd add an emoticon but there isn't one for tongue-in-cheek (is there?).

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“I Hate It, But It’s OK”

Meeting bad behaviour with tolerance and understanding is one thing, making excuses so we don't have to deal with it another. In some cases we are wiser and kinder to excuse someone who treats us badly, but sometimes it is just and excuse to protect ourselves.

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Sleep is Sacred – 2

Sleep deprivation is said to start when we get 10% less sleep than we need. We now sleep 20% less than we did before Thomas Edison had his light-bulb moment. A lot of people complain of poor sleep and losing sleep is bad enough, but feeling bad about it just makes things worse. The stress and worry about how loss of sleep will affect us the following day is enough to keep anyone awake at night!

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Don’t Go There If It’s Scary

There's a place in all of us we'd rather not go to (though some people deny that it exists). It can be a struggle trying to get rid of unwanted habits or other aspects of your life you'd prefer to change. Putting mental energy into ignoring or avoiding them is hard work, and it doesn't... work, that is.

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