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Simple Steps to Wellbeing, If You Can be Bothered

Paradoxically, the things we most need to keep us on an even keel are usually the first to go when we start to worry or when we find ourselves under pressure. Next time you feel like cancelling a social engagement, you are too busy to connect with those you love (or at least, who love you), or too tired or worried to engage in your hobby, consider this.

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Work-life happiness

There's life and there's the job, right? Wrong. Instead of treating work and home as disjointed parts of the same existence, Anna Tims suggests a change in perception rather than a change in circumstances, and so re-infuse our lives with greater purpose and fulfilment. Work is not necessarily the enemy if it is managed correctly, and it can all be achieved without you having to trek through rain forests, climb a mountain or wear sackcloth.

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Life Pressures, Demands and Balance

Creating a perfect Life-Balance is a personal challenge for most people. As you might expect I've worked out my own way of ensuring Life-Balance, and I'm about to share it with you. There three steps I'm offering. As a starting point, here's a short quiz that will help you by providing some thinking points about what Life-Balance means to you. Take the quiz now, part two follows in a week, and it's all free!

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Work-Life Balance: Not All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

The dogma that good work-life balance improves productivity is called into question by new research from leading academics. The study from the London School of Economics says the assumption that better work-life balance will automatically improve productivity is false. The researchers say that there is no relationship between productivity and work-life balance once good management is accounted for.

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