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Don’t let the facts stop a good idea

The world of work is replete with good ideas that don't er... work. Innovation sounds great but beware of propaganda that perpetuates dodgy thinking, and check the facts. Otherwise you'll find out how going with the herd tramples on genuine transformation.

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Open plan is closing people off

Open plan is meant to improve productivity and efficiency. Cost-obsessed employers seem oblivious to what people really think about working this way, and the damage to morale and productivity. The research is showing that removing walls may take down some of the barriers, but it also increases some of the problems it is meant to fix.

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Bullying helpline closes

The National Bullying Helpline has suspended services temporarily and announced that it is considering its future after it went public and said "three or four" Downing Street employees had called its helpline. The HSE, in its study Bullying at work: a review of the literature, says that there are over the half a million cases of work-related stress reported each year in the UK and that, on average, each case results in 29 working days lost. Bullying is the cause of 10-20% of this, the report estimates.

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Trust at work

In difficult economic times the relationship between employees and employers is often tested. Trust suffers and staff turnover increases. But it need not be so. Creating an ethical company is low cost and high-reward.

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What do you think?

Welcome to my new website, it went live on 5th February. I have added more information and functionality. What do you think? I'd like your opinion. Does the site work? Is anything missing? Please leave a comment.

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