time management

A Workplace Webinar

Master your habits to master your time. There’s no need for all those charts, planners or apps when you realise that time is not a commodity. Commodities can be bought, sold and replaced. Time is a concept, and when you change how you think about time, you immediately gain insights that will change your relationship with tike and how you manage yourself.

“We think much more about the use of money, which is renewable, than we do about the use of time, which is irreplaceable” – Jean-Louis Servan Schreiber

How do you expand time to fit the workload? Time Management is a popular session that focuses on practical solutions for exploring the rhythm of your day. We look at the common time-wasting pitfalls, how to prioritize rather than panic, and how to be more efficient and effective. The session also gives participants an opportunity to reflect on personal workloads, and objectives and practical tips for establishing time management goals. 

Staff are increasingly under pressure to do more in less time. This 60 minute webinar seeks to break down the ‘I haven’t got time’ belief by showing participants the common causes of our inability to manage our time and, within the limits of time available, providing tried and tested ideas for managing personal space, time and productivity. It also shows what to do when there really is not enough time to do all that is asked or expected of us (by ourselves or by others). 


  • Time: Four Assumptions 
  • Common ‘time-wasting’ pitfalls 
  • Ideas, tips and techniques 
  • Stress and time 
  • Stress – the Stress Bucket 
  • When things go well… 
  • Time: Four Pathways 
  • Four-Box Planning 
  • What does ‘success’ feel like? 
  • But Really! five steps to take  


Understand the traps in how typically we think about time

Recognise how you use time now and three pathways to more productive use of your time

Practical steps to alter your use of time, at a stroke

Clarify your personal strengths and resources To consider the time/work relationship. 

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