If you have trouble sleeping this post will give you some answers.

Regular sleep patterns are vital for healthy sleep, but they are easily upset by daily demands and routines. One problem is often that there are some powerful Sleep Myths that can feed unhelpful beliefs and worsen sleeping problems.

It’s just as important to get enough sleep. The trouble here is that many of us think we can get away with less sleep than we actually need. We can become chronically tired without realising it. The knock-on effect is that this causes or worsens other health problems.

Then there are the Sleep Spoilers. These are the factors that can threaten the quality of sleep with healthy sleep, well-intentioned habits that do harm, not good.

If you have trouble sleeping, that is, getting to sleep or if you wake during the night and find it hard to drop off again, take a look at the suggestions here. These will all help lay the way for a full night’s restful sleep.

Here are some answers

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