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Join me on Wednesday 24th April for this free webinar with communication tips

Empathetic and effective communication requires your sensitivity and lightness of touch. Yet few of us are taught the communication tips on how to deliver our message with clarity. Nor are we shown how to structure our conversations in an engaging way.

You can learn how to develop all the skills you need so that others will want to engage with you and hear what you have to say. Even in challenging circumstances you can replace your own apprehension with calm confidence.

These communication tips will give you a clear framework so that you can turn potential conflicts into conversations, and difficult messages can be delivered without needless pain and unpleasant reactions. All it takes is the know-how.

In this 45-minute webinar I’ll be sharing:

  • Communication tips to set the scene for maximum engagement
  • The main elements you need for every important message
  • A vital insight into the different levels of communication
  • Ways to understand and use patterns of conversation
  • Tactics to avoid some common communication pitfalls
  • The value in matching your verbal and non-verbal language
  • Ways to tell people things they might not want to hear
  • How to plan your message for maximum effect
  • How to close a conversation so things aren’t ‘left in the air’.

Log in to this live webinar at 7.30 pm (UK time) on Wednesday the 24th of April. You can join from your computer or any portable device with web access. It should be fun, I hope you can make it.

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