Stress awareness

Stress Awareness – Self Management Under pressure

This webinar focuses on key strategies for dealing with stress and working under pressure. It examines how employees can work more effectively under pressure and recognise common triggers. It shows how to spot the signs of stress in oneself and others, and explores simple and practical ways for reducing the effects, and how to prevent a buildup of chronic stress and the risk of burnout.

Difficult people

Difficult People – How to Handle Challenging Behaviour

This webinar entertains and empowers attendees, allowing them an opportunity to reflect on their responses when faced with another’s difficult behaviour, and to become more confident and try out new approaches. It covers the key points for dealing with obstructive or problematic behaviour. It provides proven tips and communication strategies, and discusses commonly encountered difficult situations and ways to handle them.

Mental wellbeing

How to Protect Mental Wellbeing in Life and at Work

Mental wellbeing doesn’t come about by accident, and the world we have created can easily threaten the balance we rely on to stay resilient and healthy. This webinar will help you understand and bolster your mental wellbeing, identify the things that threaten it, and protect yourself with simple, daily practices to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Incivility and Rudeness at Work

The Cost of Incivility and Rudeness at Work

A growing body of research confirms the many ways that Incivility at work affects employee wellbeing and productivity. This webinar raises the topic of rudeness and incivility, and why everyone, regardless of their grade, is entitled to be treated with respect. Not just because it is nice to be nice, but because being nice pays dividends.

Personal Resilience

Developing Personal Resilience for Better Performance

Resilience refers to the robustness in individuals, teams and organisations that enables them to perform consistently in times of unexpected or high demand. The ability to ‘bounce back’ ensures continuity and gives a critical strategic advantage to the business, but also helps protects the individuals it employs. 

Courageous Conversations webinar

Courageous Conversations – The Ones You Worry About Having

Most of us must have conversations we are apprehensive about. Typically, this results in one of three ways: We avoid having the conversation, or we handle it badly. There is a third way. This webinar on Courageous Conversations equips managers with a framework for tackling ‘difficult’ topics in a productive, fair and balanced way, and be sure of getting the results they need.

Difficult People

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Unresolved conflict at work damages relationships, lowers morale and productivity, and causes loss of skills and talent. Conflict at work is inevitable, yet most managers and supervisors get no training in how to deal with it constructively. Even the most experienced can feel out of their comfort zone in dealing with disputes. So conflicts between employees are rarely tackled, and if they are, they are often handled badly.

organisational resilience

Organisational Resilience in Times of Change

This webinar provides supervisors and managers with the tools to enhance team resilience in times of change and to balance the needs of the organisation with those of employees. The indicators that signify organisational resilience are high employee morale, effective interpersonal communications, respect for the individual, the ability to tolerate uncertainty, and a sense of unity and belonging.

giving feedback webinar

Giving Feedback so it is Well Received

Managers are often been encouraged to use ‘constructive criticism’ to bring out the best in employees. They have been guided by a plethora of advice on hows to give feedback to their reports ‘uncritically’. But often, the people who are supposed to benefit from this feedback, leave feeling uncertain, unclear and upset. This webinar explains how to avoid well-intended feedback from falling into this trap.

work life balance

Work-Life Balance, Getting it Right

Working people constantly struggle to balance the pressures of work with the demands and expectations of partners and other family members at home. This webinar explains the habits that help balance what we can achieve at work with the demands and pleasures of our private lives. Participants will take away practical strategies for greater balance that they can apply immediately.

Getting others to listen

How to Communicate Effectively so that Others will Listen

Empathetic and effective communication requires your sensitivity and lightness of touch. Yet few of us are taught the communication tips on how to deliver our message with clarity. Nor are we shown how to structure our conversations in an engaging way. This webinar will give you a clear framework so that you can turn potential conflicts into conversations, and difficult messages can be delivered sensitively.

Be more Confident

Be More Confident, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

If lack of confidence is holding you back or limiting your opportunities or enjoyment, this webinar will help you change your image of yourself, so that you can immediately take steps to be more confident. It will shake up your thinking and give you a whole new take on what confidence means to you and what’s been holding you back (spoiler alert! Its not what you think!).

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – Build On Your Natural Strengths

Emotional Intelligence is a defining quality in people who do well in their work and career. It is the cornerstone of resilience, self-awareness, and managing emotions. And it’s a key indicator in professional success, personal wellbeing, and effective parenting. This webinar describes the five elements of EI and tells you how to use them to build your confidence and capability.

Sensitive Conversation

Sensitive Conversations – Helping Managers Tackle Difficult Issues

Managers are frequently under-confident about tackling staff on issues that may be judged unwelcome or sensitive. The skills of giving out a difficult message can be taught, but they are rarely part of managers’ training. When not handled with clarity and confidence discussions can produce resistance, arguments or demotivation, and the key message may get lost through tension and conflict.

Caring for the carer

 Caring for the Carer and Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

The role of carer can be demanding. Managing the day-to-day demands of the two roles and dealing with the necessary concerns for the health and wellbeing of the person being cared for can take a lot of effort and energy. But the carer’s own needs should not be neglected. This webinar covers the key points to consider in order to remain on top of your game when caring.

Think like an optimist

How to Think Like an Optimist

Optimism is life-enhancing. People who automatically tend towards optimism are more likely to be successful in reaching their goals. They enjoy better health, and bounce back from adversity more easily. If you are an optimist, you see setbacks as something to be overcome and learned from. You perceive a setback as a challenge which spurs you to try harder. Whatever your natural outlook in life, the skills of optimism are learnable and can be used strategically.

Dealing with change

Dealing with Personal Change and Managing Challenging Times

Any change, whether experienced in the workplace or elsewhere, can cause concern, uncertainty and pressure for most of us. In Dealing with Change and Managing Challenging Times, participants look at ways to deal with these periods of transition, the benefits of change, their attitudes and approaches to change, and how to maintain consistent performance while living and working through challenging times. 

Organisational change

Handling Organisational Change and Transition

Organisational change can stressful. It brings uncertainty and the knock-on effects can be lower morale, falling productivity, negativity and often, absenteeism. This webinar fills the vacuum around uncertainty by removing some of the myths and triggers caused by impending organisational change, and pointing out how individuals and teams can avoid resisting change by embracing change.

bereavement and loss webinar

Understanding and Coping with Loss and Bereavement

Feelings of loss do not only occur in obvious cases of bereavement. Many people experience loss in other situations as well – such as divorce, job loss and even moving on international assignment. This webinar explains how people can move through predictable phases towards acceptance and healing, and the steps that we need to keep in mind in order to help ourselves and others.

Goal setting in life and career webinar

Goal Setting in Life and Career – Creating the Life You Want

A feeling of fulfilment derives from having a sense of both purpose and meaning. Setting goals is vital, but they must fit within an overall purpose, to give direction. This webinar guides participants to think about key ideas and practical steps to achieve a more purposeful life, and to cultivate the habits that foster productive and healthy behaviours at work and in their private lives.

healthy workplace relationships webinar

Building and Maintaining Healthy Workplace Relationships

At work, it is essential that we listen to and respect the opinions of those around us. It is also important to voice our own views with confidence and honesty. This webinar provides effective communication techniques, allowing staff to be empowered in everyday conversations, while balancing their own needs and requirements with those of their colleagues and the organisation.

Dealing with traumatic events webinar

Dealing with Traumatic Events – Supporting Yourself and Others

Giving bad news, supporting colleagues in the aftermath of a traumatic event, preparing the team for bad news… In unenviable situations like these we discover how little we know about helping others to deal with the trauma of a shocking event. This webinar helps individuals to understand the effects of trauma, how it occurs and what to do to support others who may be affected by traumatic events.

Workplace Bullying webinar

Bullying Awareness, for Managers and Supervisors

As a manager or supervisor, dealing with the emotive subjects like bullying can be daunting. Balancing feelings, ensuring that cultural and social differences are respected, ensuring organisational interests are protected, and acting within the law, can be difficult. Participants learn how to handle such situations with confidence, to identify unacceptable behaviour, and the appropriate steps to take.

Diversity Awareness webinar

Cultural and Diversity Awareness at Work

Today’s workplace is made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds so an understanding and awareness of how difference can lead to unwitting stereotyping and bias is vital. This webinar raises awareness of the factors involved, and suggest ways to avoid unwittingly falling into behaviour and thinking which might discriminate.

retirement webinar

Planning Psychological and Emotional Adjustment to Retirement

Retirement can be a daunting prospect for many people. It can sometimes be difficult to envisage how to adjust from the regular routines and the demands of working life to enjoying a more leisurely and fulfilling time. This webinar explores the personal issues and suggests ways that participants can prepare emotionally for the impending change of retirement, and plan for their future.

elder care webinar

Elder Care – Practical and Emotional Issues

Caring for a dependent elderly person can be demanding and stressful When the carer also has a full-time job managing the day-to-day demands of the two roles and dealing with the necessary concerns of the health and wellbeing of the person being cared for, normally manageable concerns can appear out of proportion and increase the stress.