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We all know that goats are earth-bound creatures. They are great climbers where they live in rocky and mountainous terrain, but essentially they have their feet on the ground. They don’t climb trees.

Somebody should tell them…

Goats in Tree

3 Responses to “What Goats Don’t Know”

  1. Yes, we should be more like the goats. Follow our inherent instincts and just do what we know we can do. We only fail if we don’t try and if we fall while trying … that is not failure, it is called learning. Thank you Barry, for this reminder. Just what I needed!

  2. Like goats, ‘Tiggers don’t fly…’
    However, I differ from Sue’s recent comment about our ‘inherent instincts’ which begs a large question concerning instinct and humans.
    I watch pigeons in our garden daily as they busy themselves collecting twigs for their nests. They seem quite choosy about the type of sticks but I don’t think they are actually weighing up the pros and cons of this stick or that one; they are selecting, not in a cognitive sense, but through the directions of instinct. Humans, on the other hand, are reasoning creatures.
    Secondly, ‘just to do what we know we can do’ seems a little fatalistic (not that there is anything like Fate) and rather submissive. There is everything to gain by doing what we can’t do yet…


  3. Thanks Phil-S for your comments on my comment. Yes, humans are reasoning and think in a cognitive manner. I was saying that sometimes we need to listen to our gut instinct, not use our reasoning skills, and just do. For me personally, if I listen to my inner voice and follow my first instinct, my decisions seem to be the right ones, as vs. ignoring that voice and using reasoning which more often just lets me down. I’m 72 now and over the years have found that my heart instinct is almost always right. And you are very right in what you say about “just do what we know we can do”. I find that folk around me often will say, “no, you can’t do that”, or “you don’t know how”, and once again if I just do it more often I find that I can. But always trying to do what we think we can’t do is more than worth also, this is what I call learning. I love reading other folks thoughts on my words, or Barry’s for that matter. Thank you.

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