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It has been a busy few months as I’ve been improving the way I deliver the information and materials I’ve developed throughout my career. I usually avoid business-speak like ‘mission statement’ but I need to find a way to tell you about my plans are for the coming months.

Why would you be interested? That’s a good question, and I hope my answer will keep your attention for a few minutes.

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In case you are new to my blog (and thanks for visiting, by the way), some brief background info:

After 25 years as a therapist, trainer, writer, mediator and mentor, I’ve amassed a lot of valuable strategies, ideas and, you might say, wisdom.

Added to this I’ve written a heck of a lot of material that I want to share (more on this in my next post/newsletter). Lifehacks, course notes, handouts, videos… even three new books which I’ve yet to tweak and publish (many of these can be bought on Amazon, but via my newsletter, they’ll be FREE to subscribers). As well as over a thousand posts on this blog, which I’ve been writing since 2009.

Let’s be practical

All of this has one aim, to provide practical information which will help you navigate your way through life, especially when you are faced with the inevitable challenges that we’ll all face, in some way at some time.

I decided, when I reached a certain age a few years back, that I’d had enough of travelling. Although I’ve loved working with the thousands of people who have attended my workshops and seminars and I really miss the live interactions, travel takes its toll. I took the decision to do four things:

  1. To build an online audience of interested and interesting people to share my ideas with.
  2. To make to share what I have free or low-cost and so to reach as many people as possible.
  3. To share practical advice through at least four new online personal development courses a year.
  4. To be available to my audience via email to answer questions and help solve personal problems.

So far so good, I have achieved these, up to a point. Some of the technical details have taken longer than anticipated, and I haven’t been good at doing my own marketing.

Still, I’ve attracted over 30,000 students on another training platform (I only get a small royalty so no begging letters please), and I’ll introduce you those courses there in the next few days. But, because I don’t control that platform I can only have limited interaction with my students, so I don’t feel that I’ve really achieved points 2. and 4. above.

So, why might you be interested?

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I’ve already said that marketing isn’t one of my natural abilities. Like most people, I have a bit of a problem ‘blowing my own trumpet’, so forgive me if I don’t over-inflate this with loads of hyperbole. Here’s why you might be interested:

  • If you want practical information to help you get a better handle on life.
  • If you train, mentor, coach or support others and you’d like skills and information to pass on.
  • If, like me, you are interested in the human condition and understanding more about how we interact socially in healthy and productive ways.
  • Because you have faced a particular challenge and you are looking for guidance (as a subscriber you can always send me questions me by email, and even set up a Skype chat).
  • If you want to ‘be better at being you’. You are normally resourceful but we can all benefit from the odd nudge and new ideas from time to time.
  • Because you think it might be handy to support me by skimming my newsletters and keeping in touch.

In the next two months you can expect:

  • I’m giving away loads of free stuff: LIFEHACKS, handouts, ‘how-to’ sheets and course notes. Many of these can be bought on Amazon. Via my newsletter they’ll be free to subscribers.
  • I’ll continue to add to my library of practical VIDEOS on YouTube, with hints and tips on solving some of the tricky situations we are faced with. For example, How to Stop an Argument and How to Make Change.
  • I’m re-bundling my ONLINE TRAINING COURSES which will bring the cost down and link supporting topics together for one low subscription. For example, Emotional Intelligence will be bundled with complementary courses like How to Listen Well and Communication Skills.
  • I’m continuing to add FREE COURSES and special offers to my suite of online training topics like Guided Relaxation. Others are in the pipeline (though they will take me a little longer than two months).

More soon…

Stay in touch and I’ll keep you posted. Subscribe below and within the next few days you’ll get your first update and discount coupons for my courses.




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