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This video is more relevant today than it was when it was recorded in late 2019, when Corvid was still unforeseen. Many people who would not have predicted it are having to work from home in 2020 and probably beyond.

Entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer or just working from home for now, the adaptations people need to make are often not the ones you might expect. The practical issues are usually what people anticipate. Finding a space at home, developing new routines, keeping in touch with your team… are the hurdles most of us would predict.

But it’s the often unforeseen elements that can take you by surprise. Keeping yourself motivated, lack of social contact, being with like-minded professionals, can conspire to leave you feeling isolated. The biggest challenges can be psychological, not practical.

With increased numbers of people working from home, and many for the first time, it can be a steep learning curve. Even without the family and other pressures due to the pandemic, the shift from office to home can be a real challenge.

Not self-employed?

Though you might not think of yourself as ‘self-employed’ many the changes you will be dealing with when you start home working are the same as if you were starting a home-based business.

Changed routines

For a start, there are logistical issues as you fit work routines into a home (and family) environment. Your productivity won’t be the same – though some people have found that they are MORE productive at home – and your focus may suffer because of interruptions or distractions.

The personal challenges are something you can plan for, if you know what they are likely to be. Starting a business can bring unexpected emotional stresses, but the hurdles can be handled if you are ready for them. Serial entrepreneur, therapist and coach Barry Winbolt outlines the psychological preparations and some ideas to add into the business planning mix.

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