your sleep environment

Where you sleep has a big impact on how you sleep. Your bedroom is your refuge. It should welcome you and help you recover from the stresses of the day. Paying attention to your sleep environment and improving it where you can, pays off in the quality of sleep so that you awaken fresh and ready for the next day.

Good sleep is achievable for most of us, and yet thousands of people complain about poor sleep. I have met quite a few. If you are one of them there’s a lot you can do. Start with the simple stuff.

Your bedroom is your refuge. It should welcome you and help you recover from the stresses of the day.

Your sleep environment

You can’t always choose where you sleep. For example, maybe you travel and have to stay in hotels, or your job requires that you sleep on-site in accommodation provided for you. But even where you can’t change the physical aspects, you still have some control. For example, ensuring that the hotel gives you a quiet room, and making sure that your accommodation is clean, tidy, and the right temperature.

At home, the only limitations are your budget and your imagination. Making sure that where you sleep has the right look and feel about it doesn’t mean splashing out on some lavish boudoir. With a little effort, even the most humble room can be made welcoming and personal to you,

It’s easy to overlook aspects which have a negative impact on the space you sleep in. Intrusive sounds can filter inn outside conscious awareness, light seeps in through thin curtains or from electronic gadgets, bedding not keeping you warm enough (or too warm). Use this guide to help you assess your sleep environment.

Take steps

Start by deciding that you do the best with what you have. The most controllable aspect is obviously tidiness. If your bedroom is cluttered with furniture, a desk or other items which don’t belong, then relocate them and create some space. As far as possible, when you open the door you should be greeted with a sense of orderliness, privacy, and calm.

Healthy sleep habits underpin your overall sense of wellbeing and reduce the impact of stress. It generally doesn’t take much to make positive changes to your sleep environment if you have the will and the right attitude. Though something as simple as, say, keeping your bedroom tidy might seem like an irrelevant chore, even small changes like that will make you d=feel better about where you sleep.

If your sleep environment is welcoming that will help you prepare for sleep, enjoy better quality sleep and get the maximum benefit from the whole process. If you want to make the most of your night’s rest it is essential that you should sleep in a nice space, which is dedicated to bed-related activities (which is why it’s called a bedroom).

And if that requires tiring activities like clearing out the clutter, redecorating, and shopping for the best bed linen you can afford, so much the better.

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