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Think Small

Obsessing about the big picture can mean that we often fail to consider obvious solutions.

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Ambitions and Pipe-Dreams

We function better when we feel that what we do has a purpose, but some ambitions may only be delusions; things we tell ourselves to get us through the day (or the year).

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It’s a Wilderness Out There…

wilderness experience

A wilderness experience can happen where you least expect it. Isolation can be a cleansing experience, but the real surprise is when your immersion in something new comes to an end.

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Rudeness is Infectious

If you’ve ever worked in an unhappy office you’ll know what a downer it can be. In my work I have often spoken about organisational responsibility for a healthy workplace culture, but though some well-intentioned individuals are committed to it, most organisations do very little about actively fostering a positive culture. They do even less about stamping […]

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