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Discounted Conflict workshop in April

I am presenting an open workshop on Approaches to Conflict for the Institute of Family Therapy on the 29th April. These places are being offered for just £90.00 (normal price £120.00). Book now to be sure of a place.

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Let curiosity get the better of you


There’s a lot to be said for curiosity, and we often forget that it’s not just about enquiry, or being nosy; its about showing genuine interest. I was reading something on another blog about how, when asked how we are, we often respond with a bland statement like “not bad”, rather than saying something more […]

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Late, And I feel Guilty

I’ve missed the deadline for the launch of my new online courses. Like most things, there is good as well as bad, and I’m pretty excited because the delay means something better will happen.

Please accept my apology. If you are inconvenienced by the delay, please and me know what I can do to help.

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Can Shouting Change Behaviour?

Happy bunnies don’t cause trouble, as I often say. So when someone raises their voice it gives clues as to how to respond to them. Best not to listen to the words until you’ve created a channel for empathetic communication.

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Planning a Tricky Conversation

communication breakdown, tricky conversation, personal consulting, managing conflict

A tricky conversation is one you’d rather put off or even avoid altogether. When you know how it is less intimidating, and you can be in control of the conversation.

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What is dialogue?

Dialogue is interactive communication that builds shared meaning. Compared with discussion – where people present ideas with the idea of putting forward the strongest or most persuasive view – dialogue fosters a collaborative exchange of ideas aimed at mutual understanding. Rather than a competitive collision of opposites that fosters disagreement, frustration and confusion, it is […]

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