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A Simple Guide to Staying Well

As a 'thank you' for the support I've had from readers since I started this blog, I have published my definitive guide to to staying well. (I can't be sure that it really is definitive, but then nothing really is). Maybe it's more of a thoughtful guide, at least I hope, thought-provoking. I'd add an emoticon but there isn't one for tongue-in-cheek (is there?).

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Mindfulness in the Real World – 6 Things You Might Not Know

Mindfulness benefits mental health and general wellbeing, but it doesn't end there. Consider these five little-known advantages or regular mindfulness practise.

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Our Need to Make Meaning Can Deceive Us

“Nothing is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so”, wrote Shakespeare. Interpreting things and finding meaning for them is so automatic we don't generally question it. Our minds provide an endless parade of interpretations and meanings in the personal soap opera we call thinking. There is another way, but you may not like it.

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Learning and Development, Horses, and Drinking

It can be tough motivating people to attend training. But then why would people be interested if they don't value their own development? Helping employees to understand why personal growth is important may be a route to better take-up.

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