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“I Just Need a Hug.”


A plaintive cry of powerlessness, a genuine plea for understanding, an expression of pain… or something else. How you say it and who you say it to are probably more important than saying it at all.

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“Listening Is All Very Well, But…”


I often hear people often say that they don’t have time to listen, yet, they expect others to hear them.

First, effective listening means that conversations are more productive and shorter (and you won’t need to repeat the discussion), so the time thing is invalid.

Second, the way to encourage listening is first to demonstrate it yourself. They may not copy you, but you are more likely to get their attention and set the scene for meaningful conversation.

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Depression Isn’t a Picture


People who suffer with depression (or any other mental illness), are not necessarily in despair, and most are walking, talking, fully functioning members of society.

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Grit in the System

When I’ve been talking about grit I’m using it as a metaphor. Even in the toughest and most reliable mechanism can grind to a halt if dust particles and grit are left to bulld up.

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Join Me at My Regular Meetups

free from guilt

Hot News!

I’ll be launching my virtual meetups soon. The idea is to be able to speak directly to my readers, and to reach the parts that writing just doesn’t reach.

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