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Losing Sleep? How to Use the Time

Insomnia, healthy sleep

When sleep eludes us it can be frustrating and worrying, which only makes things worse. You’ll find plenty of advice on sleeping because it’s a common problem.

If you suffer in this way you don’t have to. Here are a couple of ideas and a link to more info. And remember to do something useful rather than worrying about not sleeping.

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Busy, or Just Neurotic?

too much to do, busy

Most people seem to be rushing about. Some seem to think that being busy is a badge of honour; they can wait to tell others just how busy they are. This is a personal choice, but it can be unwise because it is counter-productive. Getting a lot done is not the same as being busy. […]

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You Can’t Change Change

change, mid-course correction

To paraphrase Heraclitus: “You can’t step into the same stream twice”.

Change is constant and you’ll be different this evening from how you were this morning.

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Complaining is Viral Misery

Have you ever wondered about auditory pollution? Probably not, but the sounds and noise we allow ourselves to be subjected to affect us, whether we like it or not.

The blurb to this TED Talk by Julian Treasure emphasises communication, but there’s an equally important message about personal wellbeing.

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Solving problems in life

Struggle is self-reinforcing, so if you are struggling with something the chances are you are unwittingly maintaining the thing you are struggling with.This is not to say that you have created the problem, or that there is somehow ‘fault’ involved, or that you meant it to be that way. It is just that our efforts […]

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Open plan is closing people off

Open plan is meant to improve productivity and efficiency. Cost-obsessed employers seem oblivious to what people really think about working this way, and the damage to morale and productivity.

The research is showing that removing walls may take down some of the barriers, but it also increases some of the problems it is meant to fix.

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A Little Light Relief

Researching and writing is anything but dull, if it is you are in the wrong field.

Speaking of fields, I came across this video while looking into happiness.

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