diversity at work

A Workplace Webinar

Diversity at work refers to the deliberate practice of inclusivity and recognition of the value – to employer and employees – of a workforce made up of people with a range of characteristics, such as gender, religion, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, and other attributes.

Today’s workplace is made up of people from many different cultural backgrounds so an understanding and awareness of how difference can lead to unwitting stereotyping and bias is vital.

Gender, culture, disability. sexual orientation, lifestyle, and other factors can lead to perceptions of difference and discrimination. Quite apart from the obvious anti-social effects of negative behaviour, whether deliberate or accidental, productivity is affected because of the impact on team functioning, personal performance, job satisfaction and emotional wellbeing. 

This webinar will raise awareness of the factors involved, and suggest ways to avoid unwittingly falling into behaviour and thinking which might discriminate.


  • Creating cultural awareness
  • Aspects and advantages of diversity
  • Prejudice, understanding and tolerance
  • Common forms of denial, unconscious bias
  • Role-modelling and leadership
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Developing diversity ‘competence’
  • Awareness, actions and behaviour
  • Creating the right mindset 
  • First steps in a personal programme.


Raise awareness of diversity in the workplace 

Creating a culturally aware environment at work

Understand which people and groups may be affected

Recognise unwitting discrimination

Reflect on ideas for more inclusive attitudes.

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