Personal change begins in the imagination. You have to imagine it before you can become it, whatever ‘it’ is. If you want to build your confidence, whether it is in your job, to face a particular challenge, or overcoming a personal difficulty, you first have to imagine what it will be like when you are more confident.

Visualisation (or creative imagery), is the practice of using the imagination constructively to influence our goals and successes. Regardless of whether or not you accept that it shapes outcomes, there is no doubting the power of the imagination to affect us emotionally as well as physically.

A vision board is a powerful way to reinforce this process because it involves physical activity as well (making things brings tangible results and can improve wellbeing).

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of words and images which represent your goals and ambitions. It is a practical way of turning your ideas into a visual representation of your aspirations. 

Creating a space dedicated to what you want to achieve makes your ideas more tangible. The process of thinking about and creating the board fuels the creative process and focuses your attention. It also works at an unconscious level, making it more likely that your thinking and beliefs about what you can achieve are aligned.

How to create a vision board 

There are no rules to making a vision board. It is your personal space for expressing yourself visually as a way of making your goal(s) tangible. The steps are simple:

Create a space

Typically a large card or board about 50 x 40 cms, but any dedicated space (‘fridge door, notebook, picture frame…), where you can stick words, images and even trinkets.

What to include

Anything you associate with the new, more confident you. It can be about your appearance, the people you’ll attract, the job you’ll be doing, even spaces and places like where you’ll live or work. Anything and everything as long as it inspires and guides you towards your desired goal.

Is that it?

No. As you re-visit your confidence vision board each day you’ll also be effortlessly re-awakening the visualisation process within you. You’ll also find that your imagination will be drawn back to your goal more often throughout the days, reminding you and reaffirming your commitment to your intent to become more confident.

Does it evolve?

Yes. Nothing is fixed. Just as circumstances in life are constantly in flux, so your board can become a dynamic device which changes over time as you add or subtract items to hone your vision.

Have fun with this exercise. Let your imagination roam and be as creative as you like with the vision board. You’ll be surprised how the process builds and focuses your attention as it does so.

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